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The 2/20-day Ema breakout technique is represented below as both an indicator and a system. The indicator will plot the 20-day exponential moving average as well as paint the breakout bar. The system signals entry/exit points based on the ones specified by David Landry.

Type: Indicator, Name: Mov Avg X 2_20

Inputs: Price(Close), AvgLen(20);
Vars: AvgVal(0);
AvgVal = XAverage(Price, AvgLen);
Plot1(AvgVal, "EMA");

{Entry Alert Criteria}
IF (Lowest(Low, 2) > AvgVal AND Low 1 Bar Ago Crosses Above
AvgVal 1 Bar Ago) OR (Highest(High, 2) < AvgVal AND
High 1 Bar Ago Crosses Below AvgVal 1 Bar Ago) Then Begin
IF CheckAlert Then Alert = True;
Plot2(High, "Alert");
Plot3(Low, "Alert");

Please note this indicator requires specific style settings. The Type for Plot1 (EMA) should be "Line." The Type for Plot2 (Alert) should be "BarHigh." The Type for Plot3 (Alert) should be "BarLow." Plot2 and Plot3 will be of the same color.

This code is available at Omega's Web site. The file name is 2_20EMA.ELA.


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