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Close From One Day To The Next

Subject: EL Question
Author: at internet
Date:    20/8/98 16:54

Has anyone written an .ela for connecting close from o­ne day to the next in a close-only chart?

I don't mean just a line-on-close chart, which is already available in TS.

E.g, I'd like to be able to create a bar chart with mutual fund data. The  close of o­ne day would be the open for the next day & either the high or low depending upon the close of the current day. It would then graph as a bar chart.

I am NOT EL savvy, so I would need the actual code to enter into TS or an .ela file.

Many TIA,


Re: EL Question

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This should do the job :

Type : Indicator, Name : Close From o­ne Day To The Next

Plot1(close[1], "open") ;
Plot2(IFF(close > close[1] , close ,close[1]  ) , "high " );
Plot3(IFF(close > close[1] , close[1] , close ) , " low " );
Plot4(close , "close " );


Plot1 - left tic
Plot2 - bar high
Plot3 - bar Low
Plot4 - right tic
Regards Stuart



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