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Buy Data1 when Data2 Crosses a Moving Average

Subject: EL question, Multiple time frames

Author: David Powell
Date: 9/15/98 1:02 PM

Data1 = 3-minute
Data 2 = 15-minute
Data2 has an oscillator(see code below),
if oscillator is rising, you o­nly execute buys in Data1

How do you get the program to execute in Data1 off an INDICATOR in Data2?

Input: price(Close),Length1(5),Length2(17);
Plot1(Average(price,Length1)-(Average(price,Length2)) ,"SimpAvg1");

Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks -David Powell

Re:EL question, Multiple time frames

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This is a simple system that buys Data1 when Data2 crosses a moving average. I believe that buy and sell signals default o­n data1.

Type : Signal, Name : Buy Data1 when Data2 Crosses a Moving Average

Input: AvgLen(9);

Value1 = (Average(Close Data2, AvgLen));
Value2 = (Close Data2);

Condition1 = Value2 crosses above Value1;
Condition2 = Value2 crosses below Value1;

If Condition1 then Buy ("Buy") High + .0625 Stop;
If Condition2 then Sell ("Sell") Low - .0625 Stop;


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