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ColA: {Close}C;
ColB: {52-week High} HighestSince(1, (DayOfMonth()=08 AND Month()=05
AND Year()=1998), H);
ColC: {52-week Low} LowestSince(1, (DayOfMonth()=08 AND Month()=05 AND
Year()=1998), L);

{Choose o­ne of these filters}
{Filter 1:} ColA >= (0.9*(ColB))
{Filter 2:} ColB >= 2*ColC

{If you want both the conditions to be satisfied in the same query, just
join the two filters by the AND operator:}

Filter: (ColA >= (0.9*(ColB)) AND ColB >= ColC)

{One problem with the 52-wk High and 52-wk Low formula--every day you've got
to change the values for dayofmonth(), Month() and Year() functions. The
formula given above assumes that you would be running the query o­n May 07,
1998. Change the values of the above functions accordingly.}


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